Ghana Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan (2016-2020)

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The Government of Ghana (GoG) has committed to increasing the modern contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) to 30 per cent amongst married and 40 per cent amongst unmarried, sexually active women by 2020. Full implementation of the Ghana Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan, 2016–2020 (GFPCIP) by the GoG and partners will enable Ghana to reach its ambitious but realistic goals.

Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights care, including family planning, is not only a health and rights issue. It is a developmental necessity, as it also improves livelihoods and promotes economic growth. Therefore, providing quality reproductive health services to women, men, and adolescents and ensuring consistent CPR growth is a priority for the GoG. Improving CPR and increasing the uptake of long-term family planning will provide multiple benefits to Ghana by accelerating development and reducing pressure on the nation’s resources.


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